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The Route 66 ARC is here to help you locate the many archival materials relating to Route 66 including photographs, maps, postcards, government documents, personal papers, organizational records, oral histories, architectural drawings, and other materials relating to the route and the related topics of tourism, transportation, economic development, and popular culture.

This site enables you to search multiple institutions, each with their own archival collection finding aids.

Each participating institution has staff onsite to help you with your questions. Contact information and information about the holdings of each institution is available in our ARC Directory. General questions may be directed to:



Phone: 505-988-6701

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Route 66 goes by a number of names: U.S. 66, Highway 66, the Mother Road, America’s Main Street, and others. Use Boolean (and/or) search to increase or refine results. Example: Route 66 AND Highway 66 will only retrieve documents that use both terms. Searching Route 66 OR Highway 66 will increase results because it will find documents that use both or either. Remember, “or is more”.