Route 66 Primary Resource Survey

Route 66 Primary Resource Survey

(Note: This is currently a placeholder page to show the concept of providing an opportunity for interested institutions to submit collection information to us. This page could provide info about the survey, with a link to an online form or survey monkey. This is where we would address, or not, the concept of joining the Route 66 ARC “Network” via their participation in the survey.)


The Route 66 Archives and Research Collaboration invites you to participate in the “Route 66 Primary Resources Survey,” a project that seeks to identify accessible primary source material accessible to the public and researchers held in libraries, archives, educational institutions, historical societies, and other settings that broadly document the history of Route 66. Your responses will contribute to a searchable database of Route 66 primary resources in each of the eight “Mother Road” states.

This survey is conducted under the auspices of the National Park Service Route 66 Archives and Research Collaboration. The resulting database of resources will be available on this website.

The Route 66 Primary Resource Survey Descriptive Guideline will tell you more about the kinds of resources we hope to document in this survey. We appreciate your participation and contribution to preserving the experiences, perceptions and memories of the quintessential 20th century road, Route 66.


Route 66 Primary Resource Survey

Name of Institution:





Web site:

Institution Type: Please check all that apply
Visitor Center
Historical Society
Government Office
Other (please explain):

Types of Materials: Please check all that apply
Personal and Family Papers and Photographs
Government Records
Business Records
Institutional Records
Organizational Records (including societies and associations)
Government Documents (generally published by government agencies)
Booster and tourist brochures and pamphlets
Oral histories
Product advertisements
Audio-Visual and related materials (for example sheet music, programs, etc.)
Newspaper clippings
Personal papers
Memorabilia and collectibles
Vertical files
Other (please explain):

Subjects: Please check all that apply
History of Route 66 (United States Highway 66)
Highway or Interstate building
Automobiles/Automobile industry
Trucking/Bus industry
Cattle trails, immigrant routes/pre-modern roads
Roadside architecture
Local history, demographics, businesses, industry, and government
Commerce/Chamber of Commerce
Historic Preservation
Native Americans/American Indian Lands or reservations
Route 66 and the military
Dustbowl/Migrant camps
Great Depression
Images of California and Route 66
Signage on Route 66
Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, and/or other peoples and cultures
Road Boosters/Organizations/Good Roads Movement
Arts (music, fine arts, etc.)
Other (please explain):

Geographic designations covered: Please check all that apply
Route 66 in California
Route 66 in general
Communities and institutions along Route 66

Time period covered: Please check all that apply
Before 1800
19th century
20th century
21st century

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Research Hours:

Online Research/Catalog System:

Route 66 resources (exhibits, lib guides, etc.):

Digital collections:

Finding aids:

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