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Route 66 ARC Founding Institutions


Why Archives?

Highway 66 Association conference billboard, 1940s.

The importance of archival sources. With each map, tourist brochure, diary or photograph, we learn more about the highway—what it looked like, who used it, what it was like to drive it. Archival information is useful not only to scholars and students, but to tourists looking to enrich their travel experience; property owners wanting to learn more about their building or business; local communities wanting to promote their town history; and government agencies responsible for managing aspects of the highway.

Interview – Jim Conkle

Oral History interview with Jim Conkle by Sean Evans, Northern Arizona University, Cline Library, Special Collections.  Nov. 10, 2008. Jim Conkle discusses current events along Route 66 as well as what it is about Route 66 that makes it important to so many people. Mr. Conkle summarizes the people and groups interested in Route 66 preservation, and where such efforts may lead.

Find Films on Route 66

The on-line Internet Movie Database offers a list of films focusing on Route 66, from dramas such as The Grapes of Wrath to numerous documentaries, such as the Great American Road Trip series. Some other film options include: Cruising Oklahoma US 66 Video Archive