California Books


  • Route 66 in California by Glen Duncan and the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation. Arcadia Pub., ©2005.
  • The Silence and the Sun : An Historical Account of People, Places, and Events on Old Route 66 and Railroad Communities in the Eastern Mojave Desert, California by Joe De Kehoe. Trails End Pub. Co., 2007.
  • Life in the Past Lane: the Route 66 Experience: Historic Management Contexts for the Route 66 Corridor in California by Matt C. Bischoff. Statistical Research, 2005-
  • Finding the End of the Mother Road: Route 66 in Los Angeles County by Scott R. Piotrowski. 66 Productions, 2005.
  • Ghostly Tales of Route 66: Arizona to California by Connie Corcoran Wilson. Quixote Press, ©2010.