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Birth of Route 66 – April 30, 1926


Friday, April 30, 1926, was the red-letter day — the day that the impasse over Route 60 began to be resolved, and Route 66 born. The meeting of Cyrus Avery, John Marshall Page, B. H. Piepmeier, and perhaps Woodruff, must have been hastily called, because on Saturday, April 17, Avery wrote to Piepmeier and expressed in very general, vague terms the hope of seeing Piepmeier sometime soon. “Am hoping to make a trip over that section sometime in the near future

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What are archives? Archives are the first-hand, informational materials coming from the people and the time you are studying.  Archival materials for Route 66 might include postcards, photographs, oral histories, maps, advertisements, and films, as well as large groups of records of Route 66 businesses and government offices, and the personal accounts and records of people who traveled or lived along the route. Did you know there are more than 25 American Indian tribes that live along the route?  There are

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Come explore maps, photos, and more from the collection of the “Father of Route 66”!


As a member of the Joint Board of Interstate Highways, Cyrus Stevens Avery (1871-1963) promoted the creation of U.S. Highway 66 and the U.S. Highway 66 Association. The Oklahoma State University-Tulsa houses the online collection.