Duane G. Meyer Library – Missouri State University

Duane G. Meyer Library, 850 S John Q Hammons Pkwy, Springfield, MO 65897

(417) 836-4700

Web site: https://libraries.missouristate.edu/

Institution Type: Library, Archive


Description: Union collections; Greater Springfield CLC (corr. From 1930’s to 40’s) on website full-text; Series I 1920-1979; Ozarkiona, Lang Kirkland 100th Ann. Of AFL-CIU, Nov. 21, 1980:30; Oho Bowies, Nov. 1, 1981: 30; Yesteryears: A study of Missouri’s First Roads” W.A. McVey 98pp, spp index, 1973 reprint; Radio doc. On Rt. 66 “CulturFrancais”, Movie Fraisse May 2001; ‘Ozark Water’ “Route 66 Springield and The Mother Road”, video magazine SMSU; Skip Curtis, host 2002

Regions Covered: Route 66 in New Mexico

Type of Materials: Vertical files, monographs, labor records

Time Periods: 19th, 20th centuries


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Monday-Sunday 7AM-6PM

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