Environmental Development Section – New Mexico Department of Transportation

Environmental Development Section – New Mexico Department of Transportation
1120 Cerillos Rd. Room 205
Santa Fe, NM 87504


Web site: NM DOT Program Management

Institution Type: Government agency


Description: NM DOT has commissioned and produced a series of studies and reports that trace and document the “historic built environment” (historic roads, bridges, landscapes, roadside architecture, and other period objects and structures) in New Mexico, as well as issues surrounding the preservation of cultural and archaeological resources and sites affected by highway construction and related transportation projects and activities. Several of these reports are germane to Route 66, and one in particular, “Historic Highways in the NMDOT System,” constitutes an essential resource on the topic, made all the more valuable by a large number of photographic images showing Route 66 throughout the state at various periods. This and other reports and studies are downloadable.

Regions Covered: Route 66 in New Mexico

Type of Materials: Studies and reports, historic resource surveys, photographs

Time Periods: 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries


Facility Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm; all relevant materials available online – see below.

Online Resources and Finding AidsDownloadable files available here