Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
2229 W. Gary Blvd.
Clinton, OK 73601


Web site: Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

Institution Type: Museum


Description: History of Route 66 (United States Highway 66), Transportation, Highway or Interstate Building, Automobiles/Automobile Industry, Trucking/Bus Industry, Waterways, Cattle Trails, Immigrant Routes/Pre-Modern Roads, Roadside Architecture, Local History – Demographics, Businesses, Industry, and Government, Commerce/Chamber of Commerce, Tourism, Historic Preservation, Native Americans/American Indian Lands or Reservations, Route 66 and the Military, Dustbowl/Migrant Camps, Great Depression, Images of Oklahoma and Route 66, Signage on Route 66, Hispanics, African Americans, and/or Other Peoples and Cultures, Road Boosters/Organizations/Good Roads Movement, Arts (Music, Fine Arts, etc.), Exhibits

Regions Covered: Route 66 in Oklahoma, Route 66 in other specific state/states, entire Route 66

Type of Materials: Archives, Photographs, Government Records (City, County, State), Business Records, Institutional Records, Organizational Records (including societies and associations), Government Documents (generally published by government agencies), Booster and Tourist Brochures and Pamphlets, Oral Histories, Maps, Postcards, Product Advertisements, Scrapbooks, Audio-Visual and Related Materials, Newspaper Clippings, Personal and Family Papers, Memorabilia and Collectibles, Vertical Files, Blueprints, The Jack Cutberth Collection

Time Periods: 20th and 21st centuries


Facility Hours:
Museum hours vary by season; please see website for current information. Archival hours M-F 9am-5pm, access by appointment only.

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