Route 66 Guide to Financial and Technical Resources

Route 66 Guide to Financial and Technical Resources

This on-line directory is produced by the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program of the National Park Service. It is intended to assist individuals, communities, organizations, and government agencies in the preservation of Route 66.

The purpose of the directory is to provide information about organizations and programs that can provide financial, technical, planning, research, and other assistance in the areas of historic preservation, research, oral history, interpretation, education, community and economic development, and advocacy.

The directory is organized into governmental and non-governmental listings. For each organization or program listed, a brief description is given, as well as contact information and website addresses where more detailed information may be found. A system of keyed symbols is provided to facilitate searches for specific types of assistance. It is important to keep in mind the listings in this directory are dynamic; contact information, program services, program missions, etc., may change over time. Organizations directly involved with Route 66 are listed at the beginning of each section; the other listings are arranged alphabetically.

This directory is not to be considered all-inclusive; it is evolving and will be revised periodically to incorporate more resources and information over time.

A resource guide (in pdf format) has also been produced by the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program, National Park Service, which compiles all of the information that you will find here on the website. You can download the document here.